Bira ELP-series

Bira ELP-series
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Electric strikes BIRA ELP-series for wooden fire-resistant doors with classification EI30. Certified according to Resolution CPR 305/2011and the EU harmonized standard for electric strikes 14846.

ELP-series feature steel latch without adjustment and asymmetric housing. Applied in left and right doors.


  • For wooden fire-resistant doors (clasification EI30) certified according to 14846
  • fail-secure (NC normally closed) or fail-safe (NO normally open)
  • size: width 20mm, height 90mm, depth 27,5mm, size of version with
    door status monitoring: width 20mm x height 97mm x depth 28mm
  • mechanical strength – break-in resistance class 2
  • mechanical strength – opening cycles 200.000
  • DIN-left and DIN-right doors

Models in HARTTE ELP line:

  • normally closed
  • normally open(mounting on additional lock)
  • normally closed for continuous working

Above models available with door status monitoring (M) and/or varistor (V)






Index ELP-001 ELP-005 ELP-010 ELP-014
Voltage tolerance (V) 8-14 8-14 18-26 18-26
Resistance (Ohm) 13,2 27 70 155
Power consumption AC (mA) 640 - 240 -
Power consumption DC (mA) - 440 340 150
Continuously powered (100% ED) no no no no
Index Type Voltage Current Work type Functions Housing Latch
    12V 24V AC DC NC NO Mechanical unlocking Hold-open Monitoring Varistor Strenghten spring Latch bolt guide    
ELP-001 standard                   assymetric steel
ELP-001-Y standard                 assymetric steel
ELP-005 low-consumption                   assymetric steel
ELP-005-Y low-consumption                 assymetric steel
ELP-009 fail-safed (NO)                   assymetric steel
ELP-009-Y fail-safed (NO)                 assymetric steel
ELP-010 standard                 assymetric steel
ELP-010-Y standard               assymetric steel
ELP-014 low-consumption                   assymetric steel
ELP-014-Y low-consumption                 assymetric steel
ELP-018 fail-safed (NO)                   assymetric steel
ELP-018-Y fail-safed (NO)                 assymetric steel
ELP-001-KZ standard                 assymetric steel
ELP-001-KZY standard               assymetric steel
ELP-005-KZ low-consumption                 assymetric steel
ELP-005-KZY low-consumption               assymetric steel
ELP-009-KZ fail-safed (NO)                 assymetric steel
ELP-009-KZY fail-safed (NO)               assymetric steel
ELP-010-KZ standard               assymetric steel
ELP-010-KZY standard             assymetric steel
ELP-014-KZ low-consumption                 assymetric steel
ELP-014-KZY low-consumption               assymetric steel
ELP-018-KZ fail-safed (NO)                 assymetric steel
ELP-018-KZY fail-safed (NO)               assymetric steel

Wyjaśnienie funkcji

Flat plates

  • made out of different materials: stainless steel, standard steel, anodized aluminum
  • polished, plated, galvanized or painted

Angle plates

  • ​made out of steel or stainless steel 
  • plated, galvanized or painted


  • ​made out of steel
  • galvanized or painted
  • front or side mounting

Special plates with latch bolt guide securing profile

  • made out of steel or stainless steel
  • plated, galvanized or painted
  • Wykonane ze stali nierdzewnej lub zwykłej ocynkowanej, niklowanej lub lakierowanej 

Blachy do wmurowania

Wykonane ze stali zwykłej ocynkowanej, montowane w furtkach  
Mounting brackets for order
  • striking plates adapted to customer needs