Bira ES1-series

Bira ES1-series
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Electric strikes ES1-series have symmetric housing simplifying installation in both right and left doors, they may be applied to wooden, steel, aluminum and PVC doors, gateways, cabinets and lockers. They feature steel, strengthened latch with adjustment in a range of 4 mm. Commonly used in access control systems, alarm systems, time and attendance systems etc.


  • fail-secure (NC normally closed
  • symmetric housing
  • size: width 20,5mm, height 67mm, depth 28,5mm, size of version with door status monitoring 20,5 mm x 73,5 mm x 29 mm
  • mechanical strength – break-in resistance 3500 N (350kg)
  • mechanical strength – opening cycles 200.000
  • DIN-left and DIN-right door
  • latch made out of high quality sintered steel
  • latch adjustable up to 4m

Models in BIRA SYMMETRIC line

  • normally closed
  • with hold-open function
  • with mechanical unlocking
  • with hold-open function and mechanical unlocking
  • low-consumption

Above models available with door status monitoring (KZ) .







Index ES1-001 ES1-005 - ES1-010 -
Voltage tolerance (V) 10-14 10-14 -

AC 22-26

DC 20-26

Resistance (Ohm) 24 43 - 137 -
Power consumption AC (mA) 350 - - 150 -
Power consumption DC (mA) 500 260 - 170 -
Continuously powered (100%ED) no yes, 12V DC - no -
Index Type Voltage Current Work type Functions Housing Latch
    12V 24V AC DC NC NO Mechanical unlocking Hold-open Monitoring Varistor Strenghten spring Latch bolt guide    
ES1-001 standard                 symmetric steel, adjustable
ES1-002 standard               symmetric steel, adjustable
ES1-003 standard               symmetric steel, adjustable
ES1-004 standard             symmetric steel, adjustable
ES1-005 low-consumption                   symmetric steel, adjustable
ES1-006 low-consumption                 symmetric steel, adjustable
ES1-007 low-consumption                 symmetric steel, adjustable
ES1-008 low-consumption               symmetric steel, adjustable
ES1-010 standard                 symmetric steel, adjustable
ES1-011 standard               symmetric steel, adjustable
ES1-012 standard               symmetric steel, adjustable
ES1-013 standard             symmetric steel, adjustable

Wyjaśnienie funkcji

Flat plates

  • made out of different materials: stainless steel, standard steel, anodized aluminum
  • polished, plated, galvanized or painted

Angle plates

  • ​made out of steel or stainless steel 
  • plated, galvanized or painted


  • ​made out of steel
  • galvanized or painted
  • front or side mounting

Special plates with latch bolt guide securing profile

  • made out of steel or stainless steel
  • plated, galvanized or painted
  • Wykonane ze stali nierdzewnej lub zwykłej ocynkowanej, niklowanej lub lakierowanej 

Blachy do wmurowania

Wykonane ze stali zwykłej ocynkowanej, montowane w furtkach  
Mounting brackets for order
  • striking plates adapted to customer needs