Latch guide in mounting plate and built-in electric strike

Latch guide is used when the electric strike is mounted in the central part of the door frame, it is most commonly used in non-rebated doors.  

Solution without and with latch guide

elektrozaczep z wyślizgiem - schemat 


Latch guide ensures smooth operation of the latch in a knob lock, while protecting the door frame against damage. It also prevents the door lock bolt from falling into the space between the electric strike and the door frame, which can cause the door to jam. The latch guide integrated with the electric strike, as well as the guide used in the hook plate, is ideal for non-rebated doors and narrow door frames.

elektrozaczep hartte xs-c

okucie z wyślizgiem hartte


The difference between the electromagnetic lock with built-in latch guide and the guide used in the fitting:

Electric strike with built-in latch guide
  • No need for extra drilling in the door frame

  • Provides an aesthetically pleasing look, also after opening of the door

  • Works perfectly in narrow door frames

  • Together with fitted strike plate (flat) forms a smooth surface

Latch guide in the mounting plate
  • Works perfectly in case of an already installed access control system

  • It performs the same function as the latch guide integrated with the electric strike, but is less aesthetically pleasing

  • Requires larger holes in the door frame


Version to print: download the sheet